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***PREORDER LISTING: This mug is currently in production and is expected to ship in mid to late April.***


Limited edition- 200 mugs will be made and when they run out, they're gone for good!


This genuine enamel mug features my illustrations of sheep moths (Hemileuca sp.) and paintbrush flowers (Castilleja sp.). These mugs are handmade in Poland by the lovely folks at Emalco Enamelware, using traditional enameling processes to create beautiful and durable mugs. True enamel mugs like these are safe to use in campfires, dishwashers, ovens, and freezers.


This mug is 16.9 oz, for folks like me who don't mess around with coffee servings.


PREORDER: Sheep Moth & Paintbrush Enamel Mug

Expected to ship by the end of April
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